Best Bitcoin mixers in 2022-2023

Jan 7, 2023 4:31 PM
Best Bitcoin mixers in 2022-2023
The anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions is always extremely important, most of all, to defend yourself from fraudsters. Modern software allows tracing the actions of crypto owners, or rather all transactions. The solution to the problem is to use a Bitcoin mixer capable of hiding a user identity.
The principle of such a service is to divide coins into a huge number of parts, which are randomly mixed with other users’ parts. This raises a reasonable question - how the Bitcoin mixer works? Well, it uses a predefined algorithm to mix parts of digital tokens. Next, the user receives an identical amount, which includes various parts of other participants' coins.
With these services, you can get pure Bitcoins with no traceable history. This applies to all potential transactions with these digital coins. This allows not only to protect the user from malicious attacks, but also to hide the fact of owning Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.
You need to remember that these services are not free and you must pay for the project without fail. Another issue is the established commission. Its amount depends on the original amount of funds that were sent to the cryptomixer and the number of mixes.
The result is always the same - the user receives cryptocurrency consisted of different "pieces", each unrelated to the original owner.

Proven BTC mixers for 2022-2023

This Top list includes services that can quickly clear Bitcoins and provide complete anonymity to cryptocurrency holders. Note that the presented services are working for the time being.

Bitcoin mixer with innovative coin mixing technology protected from blockchain analysis and prying eyes. The lowest fee, almost instant mixing and no logs make YoMix the best cryptomixer.
Has many options to configure maximum privacy and anonymize your transactions.
A letter of guarantee, which will confirm your cooperation with them after deleting all data about the work. And thanks to the mixing code, you will never receive your previous coins that you sent.
Support for other popular coins and the addition of new technologies is also promised in the future.
Advantages and benefits:
  • Multi-transactions and almost instant mixing.
  • Low fee, supports all address formats.
  • The system is adapted for any number of coins.
  • Multitransaction and delay after mixing.
  • Intuitive interface, full translation into 8+ languages.
  • The regular, Clean version is available without using JavaScript
  • There is also a TORv3 mirror
  • Affiliate program, which allows you to get 50% of the commission.
  • Customer service is available 24/7/365
  • Deposits on various sites and a thread on Bitcointalk
With Yo!Mix mixer your Bitcoins will become completely anonymous from prying eyes.

The service is a functional mixer, which doesn't keep logs (information about the performed actions), IP-addresses and other information that can expose the anonymity of the user. The main advantage of the site - sending mixed coins to 5 addresses (maximum value).
Other features of Coinomize are:
  • It is one of the cheapest among similar services. The fee ranges from 1 to 5% + 0,0003 BTC.
  • Minimum number of confirmations to send - 1.
  • You can set the interval of mixing. This increases user privacy.
  • There is a version for the Tor browser.
  • If multiple receiving addresses are selected, a random time pause is applied to each one, making it impossible to trace the mixer. 
  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • Fast transaction processing.

Is a Bitcoin wallet with one goal - to mix coins. Blindmixer offers absolute confidentiality with Schnorr signatures. This is what makes the service the most private in this area of electronic services. A basic requirement for using the platform is to create an individual wallet.
The benefits of the service include:
  • Instant exchange of assets between Blindmixer users without having to wait for network confirmation.
  • Custodial type of functioning. To conduct transactions, you will need to entrust funds to the platform, which will be stored on it offline.
  • Users can recover their own seed phrase at their convenience.
  • A small threshold for mixing - 100 satoshi.
  • No commission for mixing amounts from 0.001 BTC. In other cases, 100 satoshi is constantly withdrawn.
  • There is a thread on Bitcointalk.
Those who use the anonymous Tor browser cannot use this service, as there is no version for it. When mixing, there is a chance to get some of your own coins. The reason for this is that parts of the tokens are "blinded," making it impossible to identify the original owner. If you don’t like this kind of work, you can use other similar projects.

A relatively new mixer which claims to be adaptive to users’ demands and aims to get a good reputation among crypto owners.
Among the unique features:
  • Unique coin mixing algorithms - anyone can get anonymous Bitcoins.
  • No difficulty in mixing large amounts, as there is a reserve of 2000 Bitcoins.
  • Discount system. Low transaction fees - 0,5% + 0,0005 BTC.
  • Customer service will answer questions 24/7.
  • You can set up the percentage of income distribution and time delay options.
  • Affiliate program that allows you to receive bonuses.
  • There is a thread on Bitcointalk.
  • Adaptation for mobile devices. Tor browser support.

The mixer is designed for mixing BTC without the registration. Getting anonymous Bitcoin is simple, since the resource doesn’t record any links between different visits to the project. The distinguishing feature of the service is that the outputs work much faster than the inputs - from blockchain perspective, the owner spends tokens before using them in the mixer. After the transactions, the user receives a receipt for the transfer of funds to their own wallet.
The features of ChipMixer are:
  • Waiting for invested coins for a week. The period could be increased, if necessary, Logs are saved for this period of time, then they are deleted automatically or manually.
  • Fast page loading without JavaScript.
  • Compulsory one confirmation for transactions over 20 Bitcoins. In other cases, you need 6 of them.
  • There is a thread on Bitcointalk.
  • Minimum mixing amount - 0,001 BTC in increments of 0,001. Users need to remember that mixing and sending less than the set value of 0.001 will be treated as donation to the platform. The service uses a chip-based system - BTC-addresses, with a predetermined value (0.001, 0.002, 0.004, etc., up to 4.096).
  • Chips are initially anonymous and there’s no direct link between them and your deposit on the blockchain. Spending them is only possible with a secret key.
  • Chips can be used for various operations, including betting (lottery). 53% chance – to lose funds, 47% – to double the amount.

It is a BTC mixer, launched back in 2018. It uses the mixing platform Jambler. When mixing currencies, the service does not mix the money available on personal accounts but uses coins purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. Since crypto exchanges have impressive turnover, this guarantees the cleanliness of the mixed coins, which is checked by built-in service algorithms.
  • Currency mixing without mixing codes, the number of pools is several or one.
  • No tracking of order parameters – attributes, ID.
  • The inability to set the mixing time by the client himself.
  • Buying cryptocurrency on the largest crypto exchanges such as Binance, OKX, DigiFinex, Cryptonex and others.
  • Unique parameters for all requests. The mixer randomly defines the delay time (up to 6 hours), selects intermediate crypto wallets, sets the number of exits and the commission (4-5% + 0,0007 BTC) and then selects the percentage of mixed Bitcoins to the wallets specified by the client.
  • Minimum mixing amount - 0,005 BTC.
  • There is a version for the Tor browser.
By using this platform, the owner doesn’t have to worry about cluster analysis, allowing to get clean Bitcoins without any risks.

The developers guarantee anonymity and the impossibility of determining the use of this service. No-one will be able to tell you used a Bitcoin Mixer.
Key features:
  • Minimum mix: 1 satoshi.
  • Low mixer fee ranges between 1 to 2% + network fee.
  • Logs are not stored.
  • You can use up to 10 input (deposit) addresses and up to 20 output digital wallet addresses.
  • There is a thread on Bitcointalk.
  • The service provide a letter of guarantee in both text and PDF formats.
  • Works with or without (even better) JavaScript.
  • Mobile devices support, very popular among users.
Popular mixer with several operating modes. One of them is completely anonymous, thanks to impersonal coins. They are split into random parts and sent to the customers of the ordinary mixing mode.
Key features:
  • Small mixing input threshold - 0,003 BTC.
  • Minimum fee - 4%, maximum fee - 5%. Additional charges are 0,0007 BTC (for "Full Anonymity" mode).
  • There is a version for the anonymous Tor browser.
  • Users can join a Telegram bot.
  • It takes 0-6 hours to mix. The timing depends on the degree of mixing and other criteria.

The popularity of this resource is due to the guaranteed receipt by the client of a cryptocurrency with a positive history from Asia, Europe and the CA. Tokens are made available to the user in installments from different parts of the world. Bitcoin Mixer 2.0 algorithm is used for encryption.
Features of Mixtura:
  • Commission fee 5% + 0,0007 BTC.
  • Minimum mix - 0,003 BTC.
  • Bitcoin cleaning procedure can take up to 8 hours.
  • No logs are stored.
  • Tor version developed.
The platform has letters of guarantee provided with a digital signature which are served as a confirmation and guarantee from the website.
Important! Bitcoin wallet owners need to beware of phishing scammers (who make copies of Bitcoin mixers to collect confidential information). When visiting such websites, you need to make sure you enter the correct address, as there may be slightly misspelling in characters, letters or numbers.

Why use BTC mixers

The main reason for using such platforms is the guaranteed receipt of anonymous Bitcoins.
Protection of personal information, minimization of risks of losing cryptocurrency, the ability to conduct business and transactions transparently - all this is possible with mixers.
When searching for Bitcoin mixers, you need to pay pay attention to the performance of the site, that is, whether it is functioning now. As mentioned earlier, dead platforms can be exploited by attackers. They create an identical project, maybe even just a home page with almost no links at all.
Ignorance of BTC wallet owners can play to the advantage of fraudsters. A person may unknowingly visit a fake site, make a transaction and won’t get the expected funds in the end.
In this top list are the active resources only. Each of them has a good reputation among users - one of the reasons to use them.

How to choose a Bitcoin mixer

It all depends on the requirements of the wallet owner. It is recommended to pay attention to fees, mixing methods, timing, customisation options, etc.
Special mention should be made of the maximum mixing amounts. This is very important for the owners of hundreds and thousands of Bitcoins that needed to be mixed anonymously.
Their search and subsequent selection should be based on the latest available information about mixers. It is a mistake to use outdated articles, reviews and recommendations on relevant thematic forums.
This list includes mixers for all needs and requirements - there are some each owner will like better than others. What makes BTC mixers the best option for clearing Bitcoins is the variability of the proposed configurable functions and principles of operation.

Tip for beginners

It’s better to choose the platforms with 24/7 support service and a guarantee of obtaining anonymous Bitcoins. You can get detailed information about such sites from experienced cryptocurrency traders and wallet owners or on thematic forums. Regarding the second option, each link to such a resource is immediately checked by users. This allows to quickly obtain data about the mixer and to not waste your own time on it.


If a person wants 100% protection of personal information or has doubts about the origin of coins, these sites will be the solution. They perform a thorough mixing of Bitcoins of different users, which guarantees an excellent anonymity rate.
One more thing - avoid fake website. This applies not only to sites that are no longer in operation, but also to those that are. If possible, then you need to give this information maximum publicity (posts on forums, information sites, etc.)
Ready to mix your coins?

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